About Om

About Om


Om was born in Bogota Colombia. At age 15, Om was exposed to Eastern philosophies; specifically the principle of “Ahimsa”. This way of non-violence and respect for all living beings resonated so strongly to him that soon became a self declared vegetarian.  Shortly after he found his way to becoming a student Monk in a Hare Krishna Temple where he lived in the ashram for 7 years honing and developing his culinary skills.

“In the Bhakti tradition the worship of Krishna is expressed through devotional meditative cooking and offering foodstuffs several times a day to the deity of the temple.”

After leaving the Ashram, Om started a new chapter of his life as a sous-chef at Bhagavat life; a nonprofit organization that promoted health, wellness, and holistic living through the teachings of SVA Ayurveda. Cooking under the supervision of his Ayurveda teacher “Guru” Divya Alter, his cooking was refined into colorful, thoughtful and beautifully crafted; health enhancing food.

After getting married and moving to California, Om and his husband now work as private chefs in Los Angeles with the goal of teaching others how to be more compassionate to themselves and the world through their eating habits.