How it works

How it works


Cooking Classes

Are you interested in incorporating more vegan meals in your lifestyle?

Have you entertained the idea of being a vegan or a vegetarian, but don’t feel like you know enough about cooking vegan dishes to make it sustainable choice?

Are you interested in elevating your life and health by knowing how to properly cook for yourself and your loved ones?


What to expect

We will craft a 3-4 course, plant based, Ayurvedic inspired meal in the comfort of your own home or online.
Classes are 2 hours in length.
Most importantly, you will enjoy a delicious meal at the end of your session!

Cooking class for 1 person: $125

Plus $35 for additional person.


Meal Service

Are you interested in having nutritious and clean Plant-based meals delivered to your door throughout the week?
Have you ever dreamed of having your own private vegan chef who knows what you like to eat and who creates amazing meals catered to increasing your wellbeing?

Are your food options limited due to dietary and health restrictions and you find no time to create satisfying meals?

 We offer meal delivery in the west LA area. All the meals are plant-based and 100% organic, as much as possible locally sourced. The meals are created specifically for your body type and taste preference.


Pricing Options:



Savory kitchari and Chai $15  

Smoothies and detox tea $15


Soup or Salad $15

Vegetable entrée and grains + detox tea $25


Vegetable entrée and grains  $25

Salad or soup  $10     

Vegan raw dessert  $15

15% Delivery Charge
* For groups of 3 or more inquire for price changes

Catering Service

Are you looking for gourmet, organic, delicious and 100% plant based meals for your retreats or parties?

We offer a smorgasbord of clean and healthy hors d’oeuvres, as well as full meal options that are visually pleasing. All food is consciously and beautifully prepared with organic, as much as possible locally sourced, all plant based ingredients.
Our Ayurvedic inspired meals will not only feed your guests, but detox their bodies and refocus their minds. From birthdays, weddings, yoga retreats to corporate events, I can create custom packages that will suit your specific needs.



Finger foods

Beet almond Hummus over cucumber slices

Vegan (soy-free) chorizo crostini

Vegan Artichoke ‘Oysters’ with Chipotle crema


Cream of Asparagus and roasted fennel  

Vegan Rainbow Corn chowder

Curried Vegetable Kitchari


Wild arugula, roasted pears and edible flowers salad

Roasted brussels and spicy watermelon ‘poke’ salad


Carrot marinara Lasagna with cashew ricotta (gf optional)

Saffron Vegan Paella

Quinoa herbed pilaf stuffed butternut squash topped ‘nut’ cheese

Black beans Enchiladas verdes topped with cashew cheese and chipotle crema