Creamy Fennel Soup

Creamy Fennel soup

Yield  4 servings

Cooking time 20 mins

Ideal for Vāta

Vegan, Plant-based, Organic

Many of the dishes I create are reminiscent of my mom’s cuisine. When I was a child she would buy a packet mushroom soup mix. You just needed to add water, warm it up and Voila! Cream of mushrooms was ready! I loved it! I could never get enough of it. As I have been grown up I have become more conscious about the importance of eating Whole foods! Meals that are made from scratch with non processed ingredients. Why? Because these foods when cooked and eaten fresh maintain their Prana or healing energy of the earth inherent in them. Packaged and processed foods are depleted of Prana. Plant-based Whole-foods are not only fuel to our bodies but they support detox and assimilation of the healing properties that food can offer us! 

This soup in particular reminds me of my moms cream of mushrooms. The cashews and lime make it almost 'cheesy'. This recipe  requires 8 ingredients only and less than 20 minutes to cook! In the list of ingredients you will find that I call for "Freshly ground coriander", the powder you buy in the store never has the flavor and aroma that fresh ground coriander has! The only thing you need is a coffee grinder or a magic bullet. Place the coriander seeds in the grinder and process until they become powder. You will be amazed by the difference! Fresh ground spices are full of Prana!


1 organic Fennel bulb (tops removed and sliced into 1/2 inch slices)

5 cups filtered water

1 tbs freshly ground Coriander

1/4 cup raw organic Cashews* (soaked over night) 

1 tsp salt 

1/8 tsp fresh ground Black pepper*

1 tbs parsley for Garnish

Squeeze of lime juice


Bring all ingredients to a boil in a medium sauce pan (except for the black pepper, parsley, and lime)

Lower the heat and simmer for 15 minutes or until the fennel is soft and translucent.

Transfer the soup into the blender . I prefer using a vitamix, being a high speed blender the soup takes on

the most delicious velvety texture but any blender will do the job! Be careful of not burning your hands or

face blend the soup until creamy.

Serve and garnish with a splash of lime, pepper and parsley.

Notes for other body types


For Pitta digestion: 
Avoid the Black pepper as its pungent and heating nature may aggravate your ‘fire of digestion’ specially in the summer.


For Kapha digestion:
Substitute the cashews for 5 overnight soaked and blanched almonds. Nuts and seeds tend to be heavy, dense, and oily and are generally not terrifically balancing for kapha but small amounts of soaked and peeled almonds are safe and very nursing.